KOINRUSH Studio Showreel 2023

KAKAO FRIENDS christmas theme “Christmas Cookies”
KAKAO FRIENDS X Care Bears Promotion Video
KAKAO FRIENDS cummer theme “Ocean vibe”
Bespin Global “Helping You adopt Cloud”
Kissme X sogon sogon OOH commercial
Riot Games “Summer valcance”
Riot Games Wild rift tournament promotion video “방과후 동와리”
Riot Games Wild riftn & TFT event promotion video
Nongshim “멸칼송” Character design & animation

Video Clip

[B-SIDE:당신의 모든 세상] 박정민 편 animation clip
[B-SIDE:당신의 모든 세상] 모니카 편 animation clip
TVN [뿅뿅 지구오락실] Character design, Prologue animation, Opening title
TVN [알쓸인잡] Prologue animation
NMIXX promotion video “Docking station: Declaration”

Music Video

Bernard Park - All day
VerbalJint - Rebuild the world(feat.Gary&BILL STAX)
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